Maximizing Performance and High Availability while Reducing Cost

Currently, companies are developing software solutions forgetting how essential for high performance and availability architecture, potentially leading to future collapse. OneDB Solutions focuses on this point. We work so your company never stops, maintaining operational high performance.


Despite current trends towards cloud solutions, by this approach, business can achieve the same benefits. On-premise environment increases the power for maintenance and flexibility for tuning and performance enhancement.

Cloud and Hybrid

One of the most popular solutions right now is migrating to cloud architecture, it has been a good solution in terms of reducing costs. Depends on the company, a hybrid architecture can make the core databases more flexible in On-Premise while reducing cost in Cloud.

Architecture Services

High investment in hardware and technology are relevant, but enought to avoid your company stops. As less a high availability has been implemented in a cluster or similar solution for an automatic recovering.
Data warehouse development following Kimball methodology including all the dimensions and fact tables. Data stage and ETL in SSIS for better visualisation and maintenance.
Database architecture for reporting is relevant to increase the performance reducing troubleshooting in OLTP production environments.
A hybrid solution can work with On-Premiss and Cloud architectures, making possible high availability while geographic data distribution.

The most Recent Architecture Services

Projects (in Progress)

# Name Technology Description
1 Sales Consultant Tracking AWS Redshift, Tableau Data analysis for individual and manager sales comission.
2 Demand SQL, Databricks, SnowFlake with R Studio architecture Data analysis to find the demanding products
3 Dashboard 24x7 SQL, Databricks, SnowFlake Enterprise version, real-time monitoring in Power BI Dashboards monitoring for all the environments.
3 V8 Car Monitoring OBDII reading and SQL Azure Cloud architecture Real-time data reading in OBDII storaging in Azure.

The most Recent Projects (completed)

# Name Technology Description
1 AWS cloud implementation Talend Data Fabric, Redshift, Tableau New data Hub architecture imprementation.
2 Data Platform for Power APPs Power APP, Power Architect Model, Azure SQL Forms automations in Power App with workflow.
3 Power Health Power App, Power BI, Azure SQL Serverless Data architecture for health management and enhancement.
4 API Mobile Rest API, C#, SQL, Tableau Mobile covering for farms analysis.
5 SQL Instance Consolidation SQL 2005, 2008 and 2012, 2016, 2019 to Cloud Consolidated from multiple instances to an unified instance on cloud.
6 Generator MySQL, MS SQL Data conversion from MySQL to MSSQL from a legacy application.

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