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ONEDB started in 2016 in New Zealand after more than 15 years as W1Net Technology Limited overseas, with a focus in data analysis and administration.

The goal of the company is delivering the best quality of service at a low cost to the clients. We have been achieving this commitment for all the clients. Each project is a challenge and a learning opportunity that give us more motivation to move forward.

As a team, we are driving the company to grow and making dream comes true, slowly we are achieving this. We have background and skills in database administration and ERP SAP Finance for more than 20 years, including knowledge and experience in Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, QlikView, Tableau, PowerBI, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, CGI/Pearl, VB, Javascript, HTML, VB, C#, ASP, Python, R and ElastiSearch, delivering functional and technical solutions for different segments and companies around the continents.

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